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Two Questions You May Need Answered About Post-Tensioned Concrete


When individuals are needing to have building projects completed, there is a strong chance that concrete may be needed to complete these tasks. However, individuals that are undertaking one of their first major construction projects may not have the information that needed to be able to make sound choices when it concrete to concrete. More precisely, post-tensioned concrete is an option that is frequently overlooked or misunderstood.

What Is Post-Tensioned Concrete?

One of the key benefits of concrete is that it is an extremely strong and durable material. However, it can also be rather heavy, and this can pose problems for certain types of building projects. In order to compensate, post-tensioned concrete utilizes a series of steel wires to provide additional support to the concrete. These wires are encased in tubes and put into position before the section of concrete is poured. Once the concrete dries and cures, the wires will be permanently anchored into position so that they will be able to provide support. Due to the additional steps and costs involved with this type of concrete, it is typically reserved for particularly large projects or situations where the concrete may not be stable without these guides.

Will Post-Tensioned Concrete Require Any Additional Care?

While post-tensioned concrete is a commonly used building material, it can be prone to encountering some problems that traditional concrete may not. As a result, proper maintenance is essential for ensuring the stability and integrity of these structures. In particular, you will want to ensure that the steel wires stay free of moisture. While they will be encased in tubes, it can be possible for cracks to allow water into them. If you notice rust stains forming on the exterior of the concrete or around its base, you should have the wall inspected. If the corrosion is severe and can not be stopped, replacing that section of concrete will be necessary to keep the structure safe. You will find that keep your concrete surfaces sealed will help to reduce this risk as the sealant will drastically reduce the amount of moisture that can penetrate into the concrete.

When you are needing to choose a type of concrete for your building project, it is important to have a basic working understanding of the various types that will be available. Knowing the benefits of using post tension concrete along with the importance of keeping the concrete sealed should enable you to have a better understanding and awareness of this option. 


24 May 2017