should you rent or buy heavy construction equipment?

My husband is a contractor that does all sorts of jobs. There have been times that he has had to turn down a job because he didn't have some of the equipment that he needed to do the job right. Other jobs require that he rents some heavy construction equipment. We have been trying to decide if we should invest in purchasing some of that equipment that he needs or if it is better to continue renting it. Go through our blog to learn about purchasing heavy construction equipment. Here, you will learn the cost of purchasing and maintaining versus renting it.

3 Things To Check On A Used Heavy Equipment Trailer Before You Buy It


Whether you own a construction business and are constantly hauling large pieces of heavy equipment or you simply have a need to haul the occasional backhoe or dozer, having a good heavy equipment trailer is a good idea. Buying a used model is most desirable for most buyers because they can be found for a lot less than a new version. However, just like buying a used piece of equipment, buying a heavy equipment trailer should involve careful examination so you get a trailer that is sound and safe. Here is a look at three things to check out on a heavy equipment trailer before you buy it. 

Is the flooring of the trailer structurally sound?

Whether the trailer's floor is made of steel slats or wood, this is one of the primary places you should examine on a used trailer. Get up on the trailer and walk over it to ensure it easily supports your weight and there are no areas of weakness. Wooden trailer floors are specifically prone to rot and damage, so they do have to occasionally be replaced. While replacing the floor of a used equipment hauler is possible, this is definitely a flaw that you will want to know about before you buy because it can be a costly repair. 

Is the wiring harness for trailer lighting functional?

Having functional lights and electric brakes on a heavy equipment trailer is a must when you take the hauler on the highway. Therefore, it is crucial that the wiring harness leading to the lights and the brakes is in good working order. Visually examine the wiring harness for signs of damage, and ask that the harness be hooked up to a vehicle so you can see that all the lights on the trailer do indeed work and the braking system kicks in when the pulling vehicle comes to a stop. 

Are the trailer ramps in good condition?

The ramps used to pull your equipment onto the trailer before you haul are highly important because loading heavy equipment can be nearly impossible without them. Most heavy equipment trailers have fold-down ramps that reach from the platform floor to the ground. Some of these trailer ramps become damaged with age and use and may fold down in awkward angles or not fold down at all. Make sure you physically take down the ramps to ensure they are in good condition and have proper alignment. 


30 October 2017