should you rent or buy heavy construction equipment?

My husband is a contractor that does all sorts of jobs. There have been times that he has had to turn down a job because he didn't have some of the equipment that he needed to do the job right. Other jobs require that he rents some heavy construction equipment. We have been trying to decide if we should invest in purchasing some of that equipment that he needs or if it is better to continue renting it. Go through our blog to learn about purchasing heavy construction equipment. Here, you will learn the cost of purchasing and maintaining versus renting it.

Here's How To Be Sure You're Renting The Right Construction Equipment For Your DIY Project


Renting construction equipment can help make any big DIY project go more smoothly. In fact, some projects require the use of construction equipment to ensure completion. Whether you want to rent construction equipment to make your DIY project easier or you're doing it out of necessity, here are a few things you can do to make sure that the equipment you rent is the right choice for your project.

Compare Your Equipment Options

One of the most important things you should do to make sure you're renting the right equipment for your DIY construction project is compare your equipment options. First and foremost, you should talk to contractors in your area and find out what kinds of tools they would use to complete the DIY project you're planning.

They'll likely recommend multiple effective equipment options for you to consider. Once you have a list of equipment recommendations, you can head to your project site and to check out things like your topography and space restraints to determine which equipment would be the best option for your particular project. This will help ensure that you don't end up renting equipment that doesn't get the job done.

Figure Out Proper Timelines

You can expect to rent the equipment you need by the hour, the day, the week, or even the month depending on how long your project will take to complete. Renting the equipment by the month or the week will likely cost you less than an hourly or weekly rate. If you rent the equipment by the hour or day and it takes a week or more to complete your project, you could be wasting money that can be used to upgrade your project or start an entirely new one if you want to.

So it's important to figure out proper rental timelines before starting your project and renting your equipment. Make sure your project will really only take a day or two if you're renting by the day. And if you know if will take more than a week but you're unsure of the right timeline, you may want to be safe and just rent the equipment you need for a full month.

Consider Financial Protection

It's also a good idea to think about how you'll protect yourself from liability if the equipment you rent stops working or gets damaged in any way while it's in your care. Many equipment rental companies include insurance coverage in their rental costs. But others don't, in which case you should look into purchasing an insurance policy separately. And the company you rent your equipment from doesn't include insurance, they should at least be able to offer you a third-party policy at minimal cost.

For more information, contact companies that offer construction equipment rentals.


16 October 2019