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My husband is a contractor that does all sorts of jobs. There have been times that he has had to turn down a job because he didn't have some of the equipment that he needed to do the job right. Other jobs require that he rents some heavy construction equipment. We have been trying to decide if we should invest in purchasing some of that equipment that he needs or if it is better to continue renting it. Go through our blog to learn about purchasing heavy construction equipment. Here, you will learn the cost of purchasing and maintaining versus renting it.

What Type Of Personnel Will You Need When You Rent A Crane?


When you rent a crane, you may think that your job is done. However, you also need to make sure that you are able to avoid accidents when you are lifting your loads. In order to complete a successful lift, you need the right crew working with you. Depending on the project that you are performing, the personnel that you will require in your crew will vary. Larger, more complex projects will require more people on-site. Keep reading to learn about some of the types of personnel members you will need for your job.

Crane Operator

This one is probably the most obvious, but you will need a crane operator who is responsible for the safe and correct operation of the crane equipment. As a general rule, a crane operator will come with your crane rental as a package. However, if one does not, then a crane operator can be hired separately. Keep in mind that crane operators need to be licensed for crane operation to avoid potential penalties.

Master Rigger

This person is in charge of overseeing all activities related to rigging. He or she is also responsible for making sure that all loads are properly secured to the equipment prior to being lifted. The master rigger is also responsible for all of the riggers. The rigger should be licensed and have previously undergone the proper training to complete the job.


The riggers are the individuals who will attach the loads to the equipment. You will only require a few riggers if your project is small and the loan is on the smaller end. However, if your project is large, then you may need to hire a large number of riggers. These riggers will work beneath the master rigger, so you should speak to the master rigger about how many riggers you will need and if he or she recommends any particular riggers for the job.


The signallers serve as the eyes and ears for the crane operator on the ground. They will let the crane operator know when they can proceed with lifting the load. Signallers will need to undergo safety courses, as well as written and oral exams. Since these individuals are critical to the prevention of accidents at your project site, you need to ensure that they are qualified for the job. If possible, you should consider hiring one that has experience with the crane operator.


Flagmen are individuals who are responsible for helping any and all vehicles move around safely at the project site. These individuals assist crane operators and drivers avoid individuals as well as hazards while also preventing pedestrians and vehicles from entering any kind of potentially dangerous situation. To make sure that you get the right person for the job, make sure that the flagmen you consider for the job have passed both a written and oral exam and completed a full safety course.

When working with a crane rental company to rent a crane for your project, make sure that you also talk to them about the personnel that you will require, as they may be able to assist you in hiring the crew members that you need to safely complete your job.


10 September 2020