3 Uses For Heat Recovered From Air Compressor Systems


Although air compressors systems are useful for many residential applications, they are far from energy efficient. In fact, nearly 90% of electrical energy used to power air compressor systems is lost as heat. This heat can be recovered through the implementation of additional parts, like plate heat exchangers and fail-safe heat exchangers, and put to good use when wired with ducts responsible for different applications. If you don't know what to do with the recovered heat, here are 3 uses you might find beneficial.

9 March 2016

Save Money On A Residential Crane Rental By Considering Traffic


Occasionally, renting a crane is the only way to proceed with a residential construction project. If buildings and landscaping prevent carrying the needed supplies around a house, then they'll need to be lifted over the house. While a crane rental may significantly increase the cost of your home improvement project, you can reduce the cost of your crane rental by considering your local traffic. Contract Lifts are Used for Residential Projects

24 June 2015